Hitchcock’s Veggie Restaurant – Hull

Hitchcock’s Vegetarian Restaurant – possibly one of the best places to eat in Hull?

If you are coming to Hull for City of Culture events, or you’re a born and bred Hullensian like me, and want to get some decent grub in town – look no further than Hitchcock’s Vegetarian Restaurant on Bishop Lane, High Street.

Although, saying that, it might not be as easy to spot than you had hoped for. Having worked in old town and walked down High Street many times, it amazed me how I could have walked past Hitchcock’s so many times without even realising it was there. That’s probably not helped by the fact depending on capacity, Hitchcock’s may not even open some nights.

One of the contentious but quirky characteristics of Hitchcock’s is that it doesn’t open unless they have a large enough booking (15 people). Whether or not you agree with this business plan, it is hard to argue against it when you learn the facts and have eaten at the restaurant. Being an all-you-can-eat run by a couple, it is understandable that to prepare all that food for 5 or 6 people may not be financially viable.

All this aside. Let’s talk about food. Hitchcock’s is a themed restaurant, and we had a German-inspired menu. Starters came to the table, followed by a serve-yourself, all-you-can-eat banquet. The food was amazing! Healthy, homemade with a huge variety. My one mistake, however, was filling up on the mains and not noticing the dessert counter until it was too late. I have never seen so many amazing-looking cakes, pies and puddings. Hats off to the chef. If I could I would have tried every single one of them.

All this AND they allow you to bring your own bottle (with a measly £1 corking fee)!

If its open, why would you eat anywhere else?

by Layla Hendow

PhD researcher at University of Hull




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