Hull – City of Clutter 2017

It wasn’t long before someone coined the term ‘City of Clutter’ to refer to the state of Hull this year. It even has a facebook page dedicated to it! Its aim is to “welcome the tourists to the City of Clutter 2017”. Ah, Northern humour at its finest.

Many people find the idea of Hull as City of Culture a joke; others turn on their feigned loyalty for the city and exaggerate how proud they are to live in Hull. I come from Hull, I have grown up in Hull and I am currently studying at Hull University. That’s a lot of Hull to take in. I am looking forward to see what City of Culture does for the city (so far I have seen very little), but here I don’t want to talk about the City of Culture, I want to talk about the City of Clutter. 


You know there is something strange going on when an effort is made to litter-pick, but that litter ends up in a discarded shopping trolley. I won’t go into the irony of the shopping trolley’s purpose to carry ‘food’ and the appropriation of ‘trash’ and empty food containers. Instead, I’ll let this picture say something about the state of our society, our beloved City of Clutter 2017…



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