Waste Theory & Discard Studies

Waste Theory & Discard Studies

Here’s a list of 40 important texts for studying Waste theory or discard studies (ordered by date published):

1.    Douglas, M. (1966) Purity and Danger: an analysis of concepts of pollution and taboo. Routledge.

2.    Thompson, M. (1979) Rubbish Theory: the creation and destruction of value. Oxford: Oxford University Press

3.    Appadurai, A. (1986) The Social life of things: commodities, in cultural perspective.

4.    Tanner, T. (1987) Scenes of Nature, Signs of Men. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Technology and lecturing

What is the future of international lecturing? Well, at the NECAH and Heritage Consortium residential in March 2017, one session defied the limits of geography.

The interesting talk, led by Dr Devin Hunter, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Illinois, Springfield, was conducted through a webinar. Webinar? A skype talk, to you and me.

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