Waste Theory & Discard Studies

Waste Theory & Discard Studies

Here’s a list of 40 important texts for studying Waste theory or discard studies (ordered by date published):

1.    Douglas, M. (1966) Purity and Danger: an analysis of concepts of pollution and taboo. Routledge.

2.    Thompson, M. (1979) Rubbish Theory: the creation and destruction of value. Oxford: Oxford University Press

3.    Appadurai, A. (1986) The Social life of things: commodities, in cultural perspective.

4.    Tanner, T. (1987) Scenes of Nature, Signs of Men. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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From Oil to Flesh: Crucifixion and recycling


Throughout the ages, there have been many interpretations of the crucifix, from more traditional representations of the Stations of the Cross to abstract artwork, film and literature. From Michelangelo and Raphael to Salvidor Dali and Marcus Reichert to Damien Hirst and even comic strips like “the coyote gospel”, images have become more and more abstract. But how many of these incorporate our modern ideas of recycling? It’s not probably two things you might put together, but thanks to the work of Gunther Von Hagen, it’s all I can think about today.

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